Please join me in helping to send every baby born at Southside Hospital home in something warm and cozy. Southside Hospital is located in Bay Shore on Long Island.They deliver about 200 babies a month. Most of the families who havebabies there have nothing to bring their babies home in. That’s where we come in. My group, Bella’s Babies, provides warm, handmade items for these families.


Guidelines for making items:
  • Please make sure all items are soft, no scratchy yarns or fabrics.

  • Absolutely NO Wool or animal fibers, babies may be allergic.                         Stick to acrylic and cotton. 

  • Please use bright or pastel colors, nothing dark unless you offset it with say white or a light color.

  • No solid yellow items for the preemies, it can be used in striping but keep it in the middle away from the edges.

  •  When laundering use ONLY UNSCENTED  detergents and dryer sheets

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